Pallavi Aiyar is a hard-nosed, award-winning foreign correspondent. She’s used to working in the trenches of global journalism, from interviewing dissidents to hiking in the wilds of Tibet. But then she decides to have a baby. And another.

In three different parts of the world – Beijing, Brussels and Jakarta – Aiyar strives to keep up with both her babies and bylines -- with varying success. The result is a hilarious chronicle of overly knowledgeable nannies, chewed nipples and a dwindling salary, interwoven with philosophical inquiries into the nature of choice, value, touch and identity. Thought-provoking and irreverent, Babies and Bylines is as much a call to arms for women in the workplace as it is a laugh-out-loud stress buster for those contemplating parenthood or experiencing it.


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    In parts sarcastic, witty, serious and evocative, Pallavi Aiyar’s narrative is honest and relatable

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    Babies and Bylines so cleverly intersperses important questions along with funny, moving personal accounts that the book feels like a conversation one would have with a best friend over a glass of wine after the kids have been tucked into bed and there's an all-night chit-chat to look forward to.

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    Babies and Bylines is a delightfully cheeky attempt to break the mould and educate not just would-be dads and moms, but society as a whole, which daily needs a lesson in effective parenting.  

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    Parents and new parents—and not just mothers-will find much to appreciate in Aiyar’s fluent and thoughtful memoir.

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    Aiyar's writing is laced with a dry, occasionally mad wit, the reader is left incredulous and envious.

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    Babies and Bylines is a fantastic book